sheepskin, noun

In full sheepskin dance: vastrap sense 2.
1934 C.P. Swart Supplement to Pettman. 154Sheepskin Dance,..A farm-dance is so designated in South Africa, as these functions were formerly held in sheds where sheep were shorn...These social affairs are also known as Veldskoens, Vastraps (Tread-fasts) and Kop-en-Pootjies (Head and Trotters).
1961 D. Rooke Lover for Estelle 76It was the night of the Van Wyk’s sheepskin dance. Mamma had made new dresses for all of us.
1970 L.G. Green Giant in Hiding 105Weddings are occasions for the capers known as ‘sheepskin dances’ because they are held in the shearing-shed.
1970 S. Moore Informant, Port ElizabethThe party on the farm was a proper old sheepskin!
1970 P.J. Silva Informant, GrahamstownA sheepskin is the same thing as an ‘opskud’ — a boeremusiek dance.
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