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1. obsolete. Boer sense 2.
1731 G. Medley tr. of P. Kolben’s Present State of Cape of G.H. II. 76There are but very few Settlers who have not, from their own Vineyards, a plentiful Provision of Wines for themselves.
1731 G. Medley tr. of P. Kolben’s Present State of Cape of G.H. II. 76 [see Jacob Evertson sense 1].
1799 W. Somerville Narr. of E. Cape Frontier (1979) 23The present supplies of Bullocks and Sheep for the consumption of the Navy, Army, and the Settlers in the lower and western parts of the Colony.
1809 R. Collins in G.M. Theal Rec. of Cape Col. (1900) VII. 99The wars that were at first waged against the kaffres were carried on exclusively by the settlers, who seem, whenever they have been unsuccesful, to have failed in a great degree from their having considered the recovery of stolen cattle as the principal object of hostility.
2. Often with initial capital.
a. A British settler, especially one of a group of about 4 000 people located on the eastern frontier of the Cape of Good Hope in 1820; setlaar. Also attributive.
1821 G. Barker Journal. 2 Dec.Two settlers at morning worship & a Boer at the afternoon.
1833 Graham’s Town Jrnl 11 Apr. 2Peace was concluded with the Caffers in 1819; early next year the Settlers arrived.
1837 N. Polson Subaltern’s Sick Leave 111The settlers, as the British immigrants are styled,..have engrafted on the European stock several Afrikaander habits indigenous to the climate.
1851 Godlonton & Irving Narr. of Kaffir War of 1850–51 5The same year (sc. 1819) the British Parliament..sent out 4,000 Emigrants of all classes...Those Emigrants formed the Albany and Uitenhage original Settlers.
1863 E.L. Price Jrnls (1956) 134The Mission work we do is but a wee bit when compared to all the drudgery, the toiling after the things wh. the Gentile’s seek. We resemble the traders or settlers to a melancholy degree — and the holiest, purest, most devoted among us cannot help it.
1894 R.W. Murray S. Afr. Reminisc. 93The Zuid Afrikaan was to the Dutch of the West precisely what The Graham’s Town Journal was in Mr. Godlonton’s time to the Settlers of the East.
1904 Argus Christmas Annual (Cape Colony Sect.) 25Grahamstown, the beautiful old city of the settlers.
1913 C. Pettman Africanderisms 437In 1820 a number of emigrants were brought out to South Africa under a scheme of State Aided Emigration, and were located principally in the district of Albany; these emigrants are spoken of throughout South Africa as the Settlers.
1947 F.C. Slater Sel. Poems 102Yes, you are lauded in song, in legend, picture and story, Trekkers...but what of the sturdy Settlers, Souls forgotten and lonely toilers who tarried behind.
1955 A. Delius Young Trav. in S. Afr. 121After the arrival of the settlers, English ideas of freedom began to work..more actively. The original settlers were set down mostly around Grahamstown and between there and the sea.
1969 M. Benson At Still Point 92Port Elizabeth on the Indian Ocean: I drove through the dock area, past the clock tower which commemorated the settlers..past Queen Victoria, whites only on the benches around her plinth.
1976 A.R. Willcox Sn Land 180The Settlers came from all parts of the British Isles, 4000 in 1820 in organised parties and many more to follow in private parties or independent families or groups.
1983 Grocott’s Mail 19 Apr. 1Prices of Settler Cottages are soaring as they are becoming popular with young married couples.
1986 Grocott’s Mail 21 Oct. 7Unique settler double storey home restored to perfection with beautiful yellowwood floors.
1989 Style Feb. 36Right now we could do with a whole bag of Settler mythology to bolster up our national consciousness. It would sort out our identity problems.
1990 H. Allison in Weekend Post 22 Dec. 8We are planning the official opening of our new premises and would like to invite a Settler grandchild as a guest of honour.
1990 Style June 127A Disneyland of lovingly restored settler cottages, oodles of culture, temples of learning, more than one church for every week of the year, no industry and an overdose of Third-World poverty, Grahamstown is an anomaly in a country which specialises in anomalies.
1991 F.G. Butler Local Habitation 256The epithet ‘old’ was the worst thing that could be said about a house in Grahamstown...The time when early small buildings would be advertised by estate agents as ‘charming Settler Cottages’ was still some years ahead.
b. combinations
Settlers' Bible, a nickname given to the Graham’s Town Journal, a pro-Settler newspaper published from 1831 to 1919 (now incorporated in Grocott’s Mail);
Settler’s bread, see quotation;
Settlers' City, a nickname given to Grahamstown;
Settler country, the district of Albany, Eastern Cape, between Grahamstown and the sea (but see also quotation 1982);
Settlers' Day historical, the first Monday in September, until 1980 observed as a public holiday commemorating the arrival of the British settlers of 1820.
1861 Queenstown Free Press 23 Oct. (Pettman)Time was when the Settlers’ Bible, the ‘Graham’s Town Journal,’ was the newspaper of the Colony.
1904 Argus Christmas Annual (Cape Colony Sect.) 5The ‘Grahamstown Journal’ was known as the Settler’s Bible, and it earned its title. It was the settler’s literature.., and it fought against the harsh decrees of autocratic governors.
a1868 T. Stubbs Reminiscences. (1876) I. 24We gave them a lot of Settler’s bread, i.e. hard biscuit.
1947 F.C. Slater Sel. Poems generally spoken of as the ‘City of Saints’ because of its numerous churches, or as the ‘Settlers’ City’ owing to its connexion with the British settlers of 1820.
c1960 J.B. Bullock Peddie — Settlers’ OutpostForeword, Each Settlers’ Day is celebrated by an assembly of 1820 Settler descendants and friends to commemorate and mark some spot, in Settler Country, by erecting a natural stone pillar to which a bronze plaque is attached.
1982 F.G. Butler in Grocott’s Mail 24 Aug. 3Outside the town (sc. Grahamstown) lies the Settler Country: a number of smaller towns and villages, coastal resorts, a landscape rich in history, and two big city centres, Port Elizabeth and East London.
1988 S. Krige in E. Prov. Herald 6 Feb. 5Built in the mid-19th century in the heart of Settler country, this complex of military and farm buildings serves as a reminder of the turbulent past on the Eastern Cape frontier.
1991 Bulletin (Centre for Science Dev.) Mar. 12This eastern Cape university, at the heart of Settler country, has its main campus in Grahamstown and a division in East London.
1970 Daily News 20 JulyVisitors from all over South Africa, including many settler descendants, are expected to gather in Grahamstown on Settlers Day, September 7.
1980 Govt Gaz. Vol.180 No.7060, 3The First Schedule to the principal Act is hereby the deletion of the words ‘Settlers’ Day (first Monday in September)’.
3. derogatory. Especially among members of the Pan Africanist Congress (see PAC):
a. Any white inhabitant of South Africa. Also attributive.
1970 D.M. Sibeko in 10th Anniversary of Sharpeville (P.A.C.) 4From its inception PAC followed the directive of President Sobukwe, to mobilise the African people for a showdown with the settler oppressors.
1991 Rhodeo (Rhodes Univ.) Apr. 5Shoba pointed out that white people in South Africa were allowed to own twenty-seven separate firearms...Shoba said so-called ‘settlers’ controlled 85 percent of the country’s economically productive assets, and 95 percent of its personal wealth.
1991 A. Van Wyk Birth of New Afrikaner 115Others..say they would rather fight to the finish than accept majority rule. I am as strongly against them as against those who call me a ‘settler’ (‘One settler, one bullet!’) for the colour of my skin.
1993 S. Phama in Daily News 12 Jan. 15The strategic objectives of national liberation have not been realised and so Apla still has a mission to liberate Azania. We say the situation there is settler colonialism.
b. In the slogan one settler, one bullet: a parody of ‘one man, one vote’, used as a political rallying-cry.
1988 P. Lawrence in Saturday Star 9 July 11Similar uncompromising attitudes may be maturing in the camps of the PAC army, the Azanian People’s Liberation Army (Apla). Its recruits are reported to chant a chilling slogan: ‘One settler, one bullet.’
1990 Weekly Mail 11 May 13A familiar PAC slogan was ‘One Settler, One Bullet’. But, says Desai: ‘This slogan has no place in our organisation. It is not a serious proposition and is certainly not our policy’.
1991 B. Breytenbach in Democracy in Action Apr.May 7A spokeslady for the PAC explains their slogan of ‘one settler, one bullet’ thus: the PAC is a poor organisation and cannot afford more than one bullet per settler. But not all settlers are white, she also adds.
1992 N. Mbatha in Pace Aug. 51Johnson Phillip Mlambo cannot understand what all the fuss, surrounding the slogan ‘One Settler, One Bullet’, favoured by the PAC diehards, is all about.
1993 [see toyi-toying toyi-toyi v.].
c. See quotation.
1991 L. Kaunda in Natal Witness 28 Mar. (Echo) 5Asked to define a settler, PAC health secretary Dr Selva Saman said people of Western origin came to Africa and imposed a government on Africans. Anyone who sees himself or herself as part of that establishment, and does not see himself/herself as an African and part of the African constituency, is a settler.
A British settler, especially one of a group of about 4 000 people located on the eastern frontier of the Cape of Good Hope in 1820; setlaar. Also attributive.
Any white inhabitant of South Africa. Also attributive.
a parody of ‘one man, one vote’, used as a political rallying-cry.
See quotation.
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