Sepedi, noun

Also se-Peli.
SothoShow more Sotho sePedi, noun prefix se- + Pedi (or in Lesotho orthography Peli), see Pedi.
The language of the Pedi people; Pedi noun sense 2; also called North(ern) Sotho, see Sotho sense 2 c. Also attributive.
sePedi is the dominant Northern Sotho language and, with Southern Sotho and seTswana, is one of the three main Sotho-Tswana languages. See also Sotho sense 2.
1909 G.Y. Lagden Basutos II. 654The leading dialect of the Northern Sub-branch is the se-Peli, and of the Southern Sub-branch the leading dialect is se-Suto proper. Both are reduced to writing...The se-Peli is undoubtedly more primitive and pure.
1988 Drum Mar. 29Had I not been told that he was Allie Otto, I would have given him the traditional Sepedi greeting — ‘warra’.
The language of the Pedi people; Pedinoun2; also called North(ern) Sotho, see Sotho2 c. Also attributive.
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