sandveld, noun

Also zandveld, and with initial capital.
Afrikaans, South African Dutch, DutchShow more Afrikaans, earlier South African Dutch zandveld, from Dutch zand sand + veld terrain, (open) undeveloped countryside.
1. Land characterized by dry, sandy soil. Also attributive.
[1824 W.J. Burchell Trav. II. 242The plains on the other side [of the Langeberg] are called by the name of Zandveld.]
1873 Blue Bk for Col. JJ3Several hundred trees have been planted along the main road to Cape Town..on ‘Zandveld’.
1919 S. Afr. Geog. Jrnl III. 73The Free State farmer in the early spring-time treks to the ‘sand veld’ with his stock.
1929 Farming in S. Afr. Apr. 43 (Swart)Soils which contain a fair amount of phosphate..are found principally in the ‘sandveld’ area of the Malmesbury-Piquetberg districts.
1937 Marais & Sim in Handbk for Farmers 704In the sandveld the production of a grain crop is not easy — the soil is a light sand, not particularly fertile.
1939 D. Rame Wine of Good Hope I. 158They left the last of the wheat and came to a queer sand-veld.
1944 M. Oldevig Sunny Land 51The Kalahari, the waterless sandveld of Bechuanaland and South West Africa.
1953 D. Lessing Five 121This..was farming country,..a pocket of good, dark, rich soil in the wastes of the light sandveld.
1964 Listener (U.K.) 6 Aug. 192He plants the first rose on the burnt sandveld.
1985 Weekend Argus 30 Nov. (Suppl.) 6If you are one of those amateur nature-lovers like me who has often heard the word ‘sandveld’ but never really known what it referred to, you now have a chance to make a proper acquaintance with this fascinating and increasingly rare veld type.
1991 J. Huntly in Sunday Star 16 Feb. (Weekend) 4The camel-thorn is the common thorn-tree of the Kalahari Sandveld.
1993 [see sour fig].
2. With initial capital, usually attributive, in the Special Combination Sandveld chair [so called because usually made in the Sandveld, a region of the Western Cape named for its characteristic soil type], a country chair of simple design, made of indigenous woods, especially lemon wood.
1973 M.A. Cook Cape Kitchen 9A low kitchen chair of the ‘Sandveld’ type.
1974 S. Afr. Panorama Mar. 42It is just as if a small part of the South African veld has been captured in the ‘Pierneef Room’..with its Sandveld chairs of wild lemon wood with riempie seats.
1974 S. Afr. Panorama Mar. 43The 30 ‘Sandveld’ chairs in the room..are made of wild lemon wood, and no more than approximately 500 are still extant in South Africa.
1979 S. Afr. Panorama Aug. 3Today, many of these quaint cottages..are holiday homes belonging to Cape Town people who have restored them with loving attention to detail, down to the original old Zandveld chairs, [etc.].
1987 Cape Times 19 Dec. 3 (advt)Antique Oregon pine 8-seater table with turned legs,..Sandveld riempie chair.
Land characterized by dry, sandy soil. Also attributive.
, a country chair of simple design, made of indigenous woods, especially lemon wood.
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