rockspider, noun

slang. A derogatory and offensive name for an Afrikaner; rock.
1970 Informant, Cape TownThose rockspiders look like they’ve come straight off the farm.
1973 Star 11 Apr. 3A professor at the university..took offence at the use of the word ‘rock spider’. He gave the definition of ‘rock spider’ as a slang word for an Afrikaans person.
1973 Cape Times 4 May 3The committee held that the terms ‘rockspider’ and ‘hairyback’..were..grossly racialistic and grossly insulting overall to the Afrikaans community.
1980 C. Hope A Separate Development (1983) 112He, being a good nationalist rock-spider, didn’t like to think he was getting a reputation as a guy who gave strange natives a free snooze in his cars.
1985 P. Slabolepszy Sat. Night at Palace 19Let the rock spiders go fight. It’s their bladdy country.
1989 Personality 6 Feb. 21English kids really used to hurt Afrikaans children a lot in the past, mocking us with names like ‘plank’ and ‘rockspider’.
1991 F.G. Butler Local Habitation 256The old portion of town — Settlers’ Hill — was regarded as only fit for poor-whites, rock-spiders and an odd eccentric academic without social ambitions.
1992 [see Dutchman sense 1 b].
A derogatory and offensive name for an Afrikaner; rock.

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