ratiep, noun

Also ratieb, ratip.
Afrikaans, MalayShow more Afrikaans, from Malay ratib a sacred formula acknowledging Allah.
In the Cape Muslim community: a. khalifa sense 1 b; b. the rhythmical recitation of a sacred formula during this sword-ritual. Also attributive.
1944 I.D. Du Plessis Cape Malays 90Chalifah or Khalifa (Caliph) is the name of the central person conducting the ceremony; but in South Africa the word is often used for the ceremony itself, especially by the Europeans. The Malays use ratiep for the actual dance.
1969 Drum June 51In between continuous chanting, prayer giving and mystic displays of ratiep — a form of self-assault with sharp instruments — tasty Malay food was served.
1970 Personality 27 Aug. 104Eight-year old Moochietab Sallie is a ratieb dancer, the youngest in the troupe. During his dance, in front of thousands of wedding guests, he passed steel skewers through his ear lobes and tongue.
1977 Family Radio & TV 30 May 18We see maan keikers, children going from house to house offering sweetmeats, and ratip which is a display of their strength of faith by the insertion of skewers through their flesh.
1977 Argus 13 Jan. 10The ritual, called ratiep, is performed under the guidance of a spiritual leader known as a Khalifa. Enthusiasts say their only protection from certain death, is faith in their deity — Allah, and the ceremony cannot be performed without a Khalifa praying throughout.
1985 J. Cloete in S.-Easter Oct.Nov. 22As a composer, I could respond to the repetitive drum accompaniment of the ratiep.
1989 C. Chapman in Edgars Club Apr. 45The dancers work themselves into a trance by means of a rhythm which is called Ratiep. This enables them to stick skewers through their cheeks and walk on burning coals, which is a demonstration of their faith.
khalifa1 b;
the rhythmical recitation of a sacred formula during this sword-ritual. Also attributive.
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