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raak, adjective and adverb

Also rak.
Afrikaans, DutchShow more Afrikaans, telling, effective, as in the expressions dit is raak! that (shot or blow) went home, raakgooi hit or strike (with a missile), and raakskiet hit (the mark), shoot straight; from Dutch raken to hit, reach, touch.
A. adjective On target, accurate.
1871 J. Mackenzie Ten Yrs N. of Orange River 147Click went one man’s gun — bang went Hendrik’s, who shouted ‘Dat’s raak! — I’ve hit him!’
1913 C. Pettman Africanderisms 390Raak, This word, sometimes corrupted into ‘rock,’ is in common use in the Midland Districts, in such expressions as : ‘That’s rak,’ i.e. ‘That is a hit,’ when a missile, such as a bullet or stone, has hit the object aimed at.
B. adverb Accurately.
1883 M.A. Carey-Hobson Farm in Karoo 125There he stood, the fine old fellow, with his trunk erect...Just as I was all ready — I had taken such good aim that I knew I should shoot ‘raak’ — young Hans calls out — ‘Hendrick! You musn’t shoot.’
On target, accurate.
Hence raak verb, to hit a target.
1900 B. Mitford Aletta 67Nee, nee. It comes to the same thing, I tell you, and if you miss you can go on shooting until you raak.
[1913 C. Pettman Africanderisms 406Rock, To, (D. raken, to hit, touch.) To hit with a missile; the word is also used by children for a hit when playing at marbles.]

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