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quiver tree, noun phrase

South African Dutch
1. The kokerboom (sense 1), Aloe dichotoma. Also attributive.
1789 in P. Cullinan Robert Jacob Gordon (1992) 18 (caption)Aloe Dichotoma, or Quiver Tree.
1991 D.M. Moore Garden Earth 203The quiver tree (Aloe dichotoma)..is a giant succulent member of the lily family...The indigenous African San peoples used the soft branches as quivers for their arrows, from which the tree derives its name.
2. With distinguishing epithet designating a different species of aloe: giant quivertree, the baster kokerboom (see kokerboom sense 2), Aloe pillansii.
1992 A. De Klerk in S. Afr. Panorama Mar.Apr. 76Cornellskop..in the Northwestern Cape is the home of the endangered giant quiver tree (Aloe pillansi), a rare sight on the desolate Richtersveld landscape.
The kokerboom (sense 1), Aloe dichotoma. Also attributive.
giant quivertree, the baster kokerboomkokerboom2, Aloe pillansii.

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