quawwal, noun

Also qawwal, quawal, and with initial capital.
UrduShow more From Urdu, see quawwali noun.
1. One who sings quawwali songs.
1969 Essop et al. Challenge to 25 Natal MoolviesIn Ahmedabad I met a Majzoob (God intoxicated Saint) named Ali Shah Bapoo and I joined his company, then I drank the ‘pyala’ or the cup of bestowal, immediately after which the miracle happened — and from a qawwal (singer) a mubal-ligh was born.
1976 Leader 5 Mar. 4 (caption)The picture of quawal F. Khan..was taken during the recital.
1984 Post 11 Apr. 8The organisers..have selected two artists who have had considerable experience as Quawwals in South Africa.
2. quawwali.
1985 Cape Times 8 JulyWhether the Indian Chamber in Parliament served any useful purpose...‘Are our Parliamentary representatives..contributing positively to a better South Africa, or are they just singing quawals while the country burns?’ Post asked.
One who sings quawwali songs.
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