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Qamata, noun

Qamatha, QhamataShow more Also Qamatha, Qhamata, uQamata, uQamatha.
Xhosa, KhoikhoiShow more Xhosa uQamata, perhaps from an unrecorded Khoikhoi word.
Especially among Xhosa-speakers: Tixo.
1880 Cape Monthly Mag. III. 294We considered that Qamata was the great spirit,..as he, in our opinion, made the chiefs.
1992 V. Mayekiso in Focus on Afr. Vol.3 No.2, 52‘Qamata’ is the supreme being whom even the probing thoughts of man dare not defile...Man’s knowledge is limited to the knowledge that ‘Qamata’ is the Protector, the Giver of blessings, and the Receiver of offerings.
Especially among Xhosa-speakers: Tixo.

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