propvol, adjective

AfrikaansShow more Afrikaans, ‘full to the stopper’, prop stopper, plug + vol full.
Full (of), chock-full (of), stuffed (with).
1977 Sunday Times 8 July (Extra) 2Take one naive South African (‘propvol propaganda’), add a first overseas trip, and stir in a Communist country.
1987 M. Melamu Children of Twilight 41What can’t you get the skepsels to do with their stomachs propvol?
1992 K. Berman in Cue 10 July 2Strauss’ text deals with contemporary theologies, ideologies and popular paths to redemption. And it is vicious. And propvol porno-perv high-priests and radical feminist lesbians on the rampage.
Full (of), chock-full (of), stuffed (with).
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