premier grand cru, noun phrase

Also with initial capitals.
French, EnglishShow more Reordering of French, premier cru ‘first growth’ (used in general English to designate a wine of the best quality) + grand great.
See quotations 1993; grand cru. See also Cape wine.
1981 Signature Jan. 9Premier grand cru..was conjured up to describe a certain type of wine and was devised by Bellingham...In the South African context premier grand cru indicates a good quality dry white blended wine...It seems that chenin blanc is the most popular cultivar used for our premier grand cru’s, with certain exceptions where colombar is preferred.
1985 Avenue May 12Many of our Premier Grand Crus mightn’t be so popular if the public knew that under the fancy French hide a variety of very indifferent grape types. However erroneous the title Premier Grand Cru, it does sound a whole lot better than ‘a blend of clairette blanche and groendruif’.
1988 D. Hughes et al. Complete Bk of S. Afr. Wine 329Premier Grand Cru..This wine should be as dry as vinification techniques allow.
c1993 J. Platter S. Afr. Wine Guide 15Premier Grand Cru, Unlike in France, not an officially recognised rating in South Africa, simply a dry white.
c1993 J. Platter S. Afr. Wine Guide 299Premier Grand Cru: In local terms not a ‘first great growth’ but a style of wine — very dry, light-bodied, nearly always a blend.
See quotations 1993; grand cru.

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