pofu, noun

Also poffo, pooffo, and with initial capital.
Venda, Southern Sotho, Northern Sotho, SetswanaShow more Venda phofu (plural dzipofu), Southern Sotho phofu (plural diphofu), Northern Sotho nphohu (plural diphohu), Setswana phohu; cf. impofu.
eland sense 1 a.
1785, 1789 [see impofu].
[1839 W.C. Harris Wild Sports 376Boselaphus Oreas. The Impoofo, Eland of the Cape colonists. Impoofo, or Pooffo of the Bechuana and Matabili.]
[1964 E.P. Walker et al. Mammals of World II. 1419Elands..Impofu, Pofu, Siruwa (native names).]
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