pinotage, noun

Also with initial capital.
Blend formed on the words Pinot Noir and Hermitage.
1. A locally-developed red grape cultivar, a cross between the Pinot Noir and Cinsaut varieties. See also Hermitage.
1964 L.G. Green Old Men Say 142Remember the name Pinotage if you want some of the best red wine the Cape can offer. About twenty years ago Professor C. J. Theron and the late Dr. A. I. Perold..crossed the Hermitage and Pinot Noir grapes to produce a new type..the Pinotage strain...Up to then, all the Cape wine grapes had been grown from imported stock. Pinotage is a Cape product, designed as it were for the soil and climate.
1971 B. Biermann Red Wine 64By crossing the imported shy-bearing Pinot with the generous native Hermitage, Professor Perold achieved a remarkable success; a cross-bred [sic] with staying power, exhibiting good characteristics from both parent stocks. Its name is Pinotage. This indigenous variety yields a silky wine, young and lively.
1977 E. Prov. Herald 9 Sept. 17Just as the old Stellenbosch home was created of several cultures, so also was the Pinotage grape created by a marriage of two different grape types. The shy bearing Pinot Noir and the more generous Hermitage.
1978 Signature JuneThe Pinotage hybrid, cold fermentation and much else have put South African oenological and viticultural research to the front in World wine development.
1979 S. Afr. Digest May 11Pinotage was first developed in Stellenbosch in 1928. Today about half the pinotage crop comes from the Stellenbosch area.
1982 S. Afr. Panorama Jan. 22A decided exception is the Pinotage, a cross between the Pinot Noir of Burgundy and the Hermitage, the local name for the Cinsault of the Rhone valley.
2. Red wine made from this cultivar. Also attributive. See also Cape wine.
1964 [see sense 1].
1966 H. Beck Meet Cape Wines (2nd ed.) 12Someone with imagination thought how good it would be to have a vine as productive as the hermitage producing a wine grape of the quality of the pinot, so..crossed the hermitage with the pinot, producing a new wine type giving a new wine now named pinotage.
1975 S. Afr. Panorama Mar. 36There were three varieties — Cabernet, Shiraz and Pinotage, the country’s best-known red wines.
1977 E. Prov. Herald 9 Sept. 17Pinotage. A noble and mature red wine with a full body and characteristic nose. A wine cultivated and brought to perfect fruition in the Stellenbosch sun.
1979 Fair Lady 5 Dec. 117Pinotage is a peculiarly South African wine, full with a slightly plummy, flowery bouquet and after-taste which makes it popular among those with a sweeter tooth.
1981 J. Doxat Indispensable Drinks Bk 52The strength and body of most South African Pinotage wines suggest that the grape takes more of its character from the Rhône than burgundy.
1990 S. Rappoport in Flying Springbok July 20When a pinotage was declared champion red wine of the 1959 vintage, the wine fraternity was taken totally by surprise.
1992 P. Devereux in Sunday Times 29 Mar. (Mag. Sect.) 6When properly aged for such a period (bottles lying on their sides in a cool dark place) Pinotage mellows to a velvety smoothness and great depth of ripe-grape flavour. Its aftertaste can seem never-ending. It can be one of the great wine experiences, yet Pinotage is often quite inexpensive to buy.
A locally-developed red grape cultivar, a cross between the Pinot Noir and Cinsaut varieties.
Red wine made from this cultivar. Also attributive.
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