Permanent Force, noun phrase

Also with small initials. The standing army of South Africa (see quotation 1912); PF sense a. Also attributive.
1912 Stat. of Union 194The Permanent Force shall consist of (a) persons engaged for continuous service in the organization and training of the Defence Forces; and (b) persons charged in time of peace with the maintenance of order within the Union.
1939 G. Makepeace in Outspan 10 Nov. 11The term ‘National Reservist’ includes citizens who are not members of..1. The Reserve of Officers. 2. The S.A. Permanent Force. 2. The S.A. Permanent Force Reserve..6. The Active Citizen Force. 7. The Citizen Force Reserve, Class A. 8. The Citizen Force Reserve, Class B.
1963 Rand Daily Mail 3 May 2Members of both the Permanent Force and the Citizen Force were trained as military police.
1977 B. Marks Our S. Afr. Army 10The formation headquarters of the conventional force are staffed mainly by Citizen Force manpower with a small Permanent force nucleus.
1981 S. Afr. Panorama July 42The South African Army is a veritable people’s army...Only a small percentage of its members belong to the Permanent Force. The rest are servicemen or hail from the Active Citizen Force or Commandos.
1986 Sunday Times 13 July 22The SADF has ordered it permanent-force members to learn at least one black language, an excellent idea.
1989 H. Hamann in Scope 10 Mar. 58Be prepared to sign up with the Permanent Force for a minimum of three years, after completing two years of National Service.
The standing army of South Africa (see quotation 1912); PFa. Also attributive.
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