pasop, verb intransitive

South African DutchShow more South African Dutch pas op, from its use as an interjection: see pas op.
To look out, to take care; oppas verb; pass-up sense a. Cf. boss up (see verbal phrase at boss up interjectional phrase).
1860 A.W. Drayson Sporting Scenes 151When you come across a wounded leopard, you ‘pas-op’ (take care), was Hendrick’s moral.
1974 Sunday Times 16 June 4Craven must pas op.
1982 Voice 23 July 1I ask The Voice to tell the people to ‘pasop’ for those who say they are policemen wearing camouflage.
1990 M.C. D’Arcy in Staffrider Vol.9 No.1, 13My son, Amien, studied science at school; almost turned him into a heathen. Meneer must pasop for science.
1994 C.J. Driver In Water-Margins 31The old gardener Who used to ask the basie to pasop For the seedlings and succulents is now Armed Response in an Instant.
To look out, to take care; oppasverb; pass-upa.
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