nipinyana, noun

EnglishShow more English nip quarter bottle + diminutive suffix -inyane found in some Sintu (Bantu) languages.
In urban (especially township) slang: a 200–250 ml ‘nip’ bottle of liquor. See also half-jack.
1968 Drum Sept. 29When you enter a shebeen you are accosted by a cutie who asks,..‘How about a nipinyana?’ (small nip). This is their opening gambit and if you fall for it, you’re hooked. You don’t end buying a nipinyana..but hooch enough to get your lassie nice and high.
1974 Drum 8 Aug. 50I decide to go to Rockville to say hello to the Old Girl, and probably touch her for the fare for a nipinyana of mahog.
1976 Drum 15 May 49I’ve got these shakes in my hands which shakes I wish to dispose of via a nipinyana at this aunty’s place across the street.
a 200–250 ml ‘nip’ bottle of liquor.
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