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Ngonyama, noun

Ingonyama, IngwenyamaShow more Also Ingonyama, Ingwenyama, Ngwenyama, and with small initial.
Zulu, SiswatiShow more Zulu ingonyama, Siswati ingwenyama.
1. Always with initial capital. ‘The Lion’, a hereditary title of Zulu and Swazi kings. See also Indlovu.
1941 [see Ndlovukazi].
1994 King G. Zwelithini in Tribute May 40I, Zwelithini Goodwill Zulu ka Bhekuzulu, presently the Ngonyama of the Zulus, pledge..my solemn word that I will withhold myself from any participation in any form of politics.
2. A lion.
[1961 T.V. Bulpin White Whirlwind 55‘What is it?’ Johan whispered. The guide inclined his head. ‘Ingonyama,’ he replied, using the Zulu name for a lion, which means a wild beast of prey.]
1981 Bona Jan. 38One night, the ngwenyama comes to a lonely tracker’s camp in a northern Transvaal game reserve to eat his wife...and the nightmare begins.
‘The Lion’, a hereditary title of Zulu and Swazi kings.
A lion.

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