ngaka, noun

ngakas, ‖dingaka, ‖lingaka /di(ə)ŋˈɡɑːkə/.
Sotho, seTswanaShow more Sotho and seTswana ngaka (plural dingaka, or, in Lesotho orthography, lingaka).
Among Sotho- and seTswana-speakers: a traditional healer. Also attributive. See also witchdoctor.
1871 J. Mackenzie Ten Yrs N. of Orange River 381As Ngaka or priest, the chief is supported by a class of men (lingaka) who not only practise the art of healing but are professors of witchcraft and have taken degrees in rain-making.
1952 Drum Apr. 25Many people..thought that the people at the bottom of ritual murders were the ngakas, or medicine men (or witch doctors, as corrupted by Europeans)...Many of the ngaka societies are companies formed on the usual business line, with a board of directors, president and secretary.
1957 A.A. Murray Blanket 19The Ngaka (Witchdoctor) will say: ‘Do such and such, and evil will be averted from your hut.’
1966 A.T. Bryant Zulu Medicine 12Returning across the continent, we find n-gaka (doctor) among the Sutos.
1976 West & Morris Abantu 130To protect them from sorcery and witchcraft people turned to the Tswana doctors, dingaka.
1976 S. Fugard Rite of Passage 100Ngaka, A witchdoctor practising the medicine and homeopathy of the Pedi tribe; also a diviner, and the intermediary between the tribe and its ancestors.
1982 Fair Lady 19 May 36You are called to study as a ngaka (spirit doctor).
a traditional healer. Also attributive.
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