Natalian, noun and & adjective

EnglishShow more Natal + English noun- and adjective-forming suffix -ian denoting ‘a resident of (a place)’.
A. noun One born in Natal (now KwaZulu-Natal); a Natal resident. Cf. banana boy, see banana sense 2.
1864 A Lady Life at Natal (1972) 16Natalians are very proud of the fact that their railway was the first opened in South Africa.
1879 Mrs Hutchinson In Tents in Tvl 95‘I tell you, I am a Natalian’ he shouted, absolutely dancing with rage. ‘I never was so insulted before.’
1894 E.N. Thomas How Thankful We Should Be 24The Natalians appear to have got much more for their money than East London, The Kowie, or Port Elizabeth.
1900 W.S. Churchill London to Ladysmith 45Now at last there is war...More than to any it comes home to the Natalian.
1934 A.J. Barnouw Lang. & Race Problems 14I heard Natalians deny that this document, in declaring Afrikaans to be the official equal of English, made it obligatory for every State official to be versed in either language.
1941 C. Birkby Springbok Victory 108It was a grim baptism for the Natalians.
1969 I. Vaughan Last of Sunlit Yrs 95He laughed...‘I am a South African, a Natalian by birth.’
1973 Sunday Times 18 Feb. 2An independent Natal has long been the dream of many White Natalians.
1984 Reader’s Digest Jan. 40Natalians, despite modern refrigeration, still persist in preserving it (sc. boerewors) with vinegar.
1988 Natal Witness in M. Kentridge Unofficial War (1990) 88The atrocities shed a bleak light on ideologically-inspired political structures which are neither democratic nor acceptable to growing numbers of black Natalians.
1990 W. Botha in Frontline Sept. 21These days, ‘top the atrocity’ is a party game in suburban homes where Natalians meet.
1991 G. Eichorn in Natal Mercury 3 Apr. 22Why aren’t you — or any other Natalian — a Banana Boy any more?
1994 B. Spender in Flying Springbok Dec. 44Twenty-five years ago, it was a young Natalian called Barry Richards who took the world by storm, cracking two centuries in the four-test series.
B. adjective obsolescent. Of or pertaining to the province of Natal (now KwaZulu-Natal); Nataline, see Natal.
‘Natal’ (used attributively) has largely replaced ‘Natalian’ in this sense.
1867 R.J. Mann in Intellectual Observer X. 186In the year 1842,..the Dutchmen within the Natalian territory became subjects of the British Crown.
1928 R. Campbell Wayzgoose 10Seldom do suns such striking talents show as when they set Natalian woods aglow.
1935 S. Desmond Afr. Log 191Throughout the day I see the lovely Natalian landscape roll past.
1950 H. Gibbs Twilight in S. Afr. 114Back in the comparatively quiet years of the 1920’s, in 1922 to be exact, the Government spent £25,000 on educating Natalian Indians.
One born in Natal (now KwaZulu-Natal); a Natal resident.
Of or pertaining to the province of Natal (now KwaZulu-Natal); Nataline, see Natal.
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