Nagmaal, noun

Naachtmaal, NachmaalShow more Also Naachtmaal, Nachmaal, Nachtmaal, Nachtmahl, Nachtmal, Naght Maal, Nagt Maal, Nag mal, Naughmal, and with small initial.
Afrikaans, DutchShow more Afrikaans, from Dutch nachtmaal, nacht night + maal meal.
1. In the Dutch Reformed churches: the sacrament of Holy Communion; the communion service; the occasion, usually four times a year, during which this service is held. Also attributive.
1833 S. Afr. Almanac & Dir. 200At certain periods appointed for the administration of the Sacrament (Nachtmaal) this village displays a scene of great activity.
1836 R. Godlonton Introductory Remarks to Narr. of Irruption 17The sacrament of the Lord’s administered once every three months in the district churches. At such seasons (called the ‘nachtmaal’) there is usually a very large congregation, many attending from the remotest part of the district.
1843 H. Dennison Letters. 183I have comparatively nothing in the shop Naght Maal is Just here and here am I without good[s] without Money.
1843 Cape of G.H. Almanac & Annual Register 458The great season for traffic is the period for the quarterly administration of the sacrament (or nachtmaal) on which occasion large numbers of farmers..assemble, and the place assumes the appearance of a fair rather than an assemblage for the celebration of a solemn religious ordinance.
1844 J. Backhouse Narr. of Visit 94Several of the family were setting out for Caledon, to attend the ‘Nacht maal’, Night Meal, or what is termed ‘The Lord’s Supper.’
1852 N.J. Merriman Cape Jrnls (1957) 195I arrived just as the Boers were beginning to assemble for the quarterly Nachtmahl (communion) of their Church.
1879 R.J. Atcherley Trip to Boërland 210In obedience to an old custom, the Boers of the district had trekked hither to partake of the nachtmaal, or sacrament.
1882 C. Du Val With Show through Sn Afr. I. 115Many of these religionists — as indeed, I may say, many Boers of both species of faith — possess houses in the town which they only occupy once every three months, on the occasion of their ‘Nachtmaal’, or Communion celebration.
1899 D.S.F.A. Phillips S. Afr. Recollections 13The Boers in out of the way places usually do their shopping at ‘Nachtmaal’ (The Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper), which takes place every three months.
1908 M.C. Bruce New Tvl 48Coming round by the church in the square I noticed a great number of trek-waggons..the conveyances of farmers, who, coming from a great distance, brought their families to the nachtmaal which was to take place the following day, Sunday.
1911 M.S. Evans Black & White in S.E. Afr. 50I have often been struck at meetings of large numbers of Dutch families on occasions such as Nachtmaals..with the apparently pleasant..relations and..servants.
1937 C.R. Prance Tante Rebella’s Saga 64Four times a year, for the inside of a week, the Nagmaal camp was a thronged and talkative clearing-house for all the news and gossip and scandal of an area the size of Wales.
1942 S. Cloete Hill of Doves 20The day had come at last, as all days did, nagmaals, festivals, Christmas, and birthdays that one thought would never come.
1944 J. Mockford Here Are S. Africans 98Both before and after actual nagmaal, the night-meal, the supper, the Lord’s Supper, there was much visiting in the outspan, relatives and friends rejoicing in this rare occasion of reunion.
1948 Cape Argus 5 June (Mag. Sect.) 2At nagtmaal the farmers drove in from miles around and opened up their little dorp dwellings.
1958 A. Jackson Trader on Veld 34Far or near, farmers visited the nearest church for Nagmaal (communion) at least once a quarter. Every village would be crowded with ox wagons and other vehicles; the wealthier farmers possessing small houses which they only occupied for that occasion.
1968 K. McMagh Dinner of Herbs 53In those days of difficult communications and great distances the Boers strove to attend nachtmaal, the quarterly celebration of Holy Communion, at least once a year.
1981 Daily Dispatch 21 Feb. 2A special collection was taken up at the quarterly Nagmaal service in the Dutch Reformed Church when R3600 was received and donated to the Laingsburg Disaster Fund.
1994 F. Chisholm in Cape Times 9 Feb. 8Imagine the impact of a semi-naked Madonna zooming up for nagmaal in Ventersdorp on the back of a noisy Harley Davidson.
2. A small wagon similar to a stage-coach, drawn by horses. Also attributive.
1910 J. Buchan Prester John 47The owners and their families were travelling with them in wagons. Accordingly I had a light naachtmaal fitted up as a sort of travelling store, and with my two wagons full of building material joined the caravan.
1985 S. Afr. Panorama Oct. 42This nagmaal (holy communion) horse carriage, adorns one of the world’s few horse museums, in Richmond.
3. combination
nagmaal chair, a plain chair, sometimes with a half-moon back;
nagmaal huis /-hœɪs/ [Afrikaans nagmaalhuis, huis house], Sunday house;
nagmaal tent, see quotation 1968;
nagmaal wine, communion wine.
1994 E. Prov. Herald 10 Mar. 2Private Sale. Antique Furniture...A superb collection of pieces of Antique Furniture..Rosewood Nagmaal Chair.
1974 Weekend Post 2 Nov. (Parade) 2This house was originally the ‘nagmaal huis’ of the Muller family.
1968 Farmer’s Weekly 3 Jan. 68New Nagmaal Cottage Waterproof tents, 7 x 6 x 6, green, R25.
1975 S. Afr. Panorama Oct. 20A common sight from mid-19th century to early 1930s was reconstructed at Rustenburg — Nagmaal tents pitched beside the church for a weekend of worship and socialising.
1979 Farmer’s Weekly 11 Apr. 122Nagmaal, Scout, Frame Tents of all sizes.
1952 C.L. Leipoldt 300 Yrs of Cape Wine 140His wine was in great demand as a ‘Nagmaal’ or Communion wine...Oom Abram Mouton..of the historic farm Brakfontein..made a ‘Nagmaalwine almost, but not quite, equal to the Worcester wine.
1967 W.A. De Klerk White Wines 19There was the famous Nagmaal wine of Abraham Mouton of Brakfontein, near Clanwilliam, or the even more famous Nagmaal wine of Koos Hugo of Worcester.
1978 Sunday Times 5 Nov. 11It was hardly a noble vintage. Sweet and red, almost straight off the vine...Nella..said it tasted just like nagmaal wine.
1987 Fair Lady 18 Mar. 112He had run out of Nagmaal wine during the service, and left his congregation..singing hymns of thanksgiving for the past 20 minutes.
1991 G. Etherington in E. Prov. Herald 16 Nov. (Leisure) 4Throughout, the organist is fortified with nagmaal wine.
the sacrament of Holy Communion; the communion service; the occasion, usually four times a year, during which this service is held. Also attributive.
A small wagon similar to a stage-coach, drawn by horses. Also attributive.
Hence (nonce) nagmaalize intransitive verb [English verb-forming suffix -ize], to participate in nagmaal; nagmaalist noun [English suffix -ist, designating a follower or adherent of (a movement, philosophy, etc.)], one who goes to nagmaal.
1920 R.Y. Stormberg Mrs Pieter de Bruyn 12I suspect that your benedict brother is not an habitual nachtmaalist — but that’s by the way...You wouldn’t think from the tone of this that I am nachtmaalising, would you?
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