munt, noun

Also moent.
Shortened form of muntu, see muntu.
derogatory, offensive, slang
Used contemptuously: a term for a black African; muntu sense 2. Also combination (objective), see quotation 1974.
Used also (by whites) in Zambia and Zimbabwe.
1948 O. Walker Kaffirs Are Lively 77It’s the towns that muck the munt up.
1949 C. Bullock Rina 35I knew what it was to travel with the kind of ‘munt’ who has wool inside as well as outside his head.
1951 R. Farran Jungle Chase (1957) 42I worked as a ganger on building schemes, chasing up the munts to mix concrete.
1953 N. Gordimer Lying Days 35Man, there a whole lota niggers round Ocherts’, all over the garden and in the street and everywhere. Just a lot of munts from the Compound.
1962 New Statesman (U.K.) 24 Aug. 218The old ‘munt’, as the African is still widely and insultingly termed.
1967 J.G. Davis Hold my Hand (1969) 23What good am I doing anyway, playing white chieftain over a few thousand munts.
1970 Daily News 14 MayWords like ‘munt’ and ‘kaffir’ are never heard. Racial discrimination and intolerance have all but disappeared from the capital.
1974 Weekend Post 12 Jan. 12The Whites played a game called see how close they could get to Black pedestrians or cyclists without actually mowing them down...They grabbed a Black person, took him for a ride, gave him a hiding and then dumped him. This was called munt-bashing.
c1976 H. Flather Thaba Rau 36‘The munts eat out of his hand. One day he’ll lead the revolution.’ Poulson frowned. ‘I don’t like that expression — “munts”’.
1980 Grocott’s Mail 1 Aug. 2The word ‘cripple’ has negative connotations..which are as degrading to orthopaedically disabled people as ‘kaffir’, ‘wog’ and ‘munt’ are to Blacks.
1987 M. Poland Train to Doringbult 91You must get those munts of yours to be more careful with the gate.
1990 P. Cullinan in M. Leveson Firetalk 13The bloody munts won’t work, Bob. They need a damn good lesson.
a term for a black African; muntu2. Also combination (objective), see quotation 1974.
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