molo, interjection

Xhosa, AfrikaansShow more Xhosa, adaptation of Afrikaans môre ‘good morning’. The form molo is used when addressing one person, molweni /mɔlˈweːni/ (plural suffix -eni) when addressing two or more people.
Among Xhosa-speakers: a general greeting, ‘hello’, used when addressing one person. See also molweni.
1955 J.B. Shephard Land of Tikoloshe 17He..made a gesture of salute as he replied..‘Molo, Nkosi,’ His greeting was self-assured, dignified, and polite.
1964 J. Bennett Mr Fisherman (1967) 94The few Africans they passed on the quiet dirt roads stepped aside and raised their hats and smiled..and said ‘Molo, Baas, Molo, Basie’.
1979 E. Prov. Herald 27 July (Suppl.) 7‘Most of the contestants liked me and were always urging me to speak my language,’ she said...They learnt to say ‘molo’ and click a bit.
1982 K. Sutton in E. Prov. Herald 11 Oct. 7The older black man was the last to leave. As he passed me I said: ‘Bota mnumzana’. ‘Bota’ is the traditional Xhosa greeting, ‘Molo’ being the modern form taken from the Afrikaans ‘môre’.
1987 M. Poland Train to Doringbult 163She wound down the window a little way. ‘Molo’, she said. Her voice was high and hoarse.
a general greeting, ‘hello’, used when addressing one person.
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