Molimo, noun

SothoShow more Sotho (Lesotho orthography), ‘God’; see quotation 1861.
Modimo; also used as an interjection.
1861 E. Casalis Basutos II. 248Every being, to whom the natives render adoration, is called Molimo...It is evidently composed of the prefix mo, which belongs to almost all those words representing intelligent beings, and of the root holimoabove, in the sky. Moholimo, or the abbreviation Molimo, therefore, signifies, He who is in the sky.
c1929 L.P. Bowler Afr. Nights 114‘The medicine men in those days,’ said this Pondomise seer, ‘called it “Umtagati,” the Devil’s great secret, who used it to secure more spirits of men than “Umolemo,” the Greater God.’
1957 A.A. Murray Blanket 125Somewhere, in the blue outer space beyond this world, there was a molimo, a God, who cared for him, Lepotane, closely and personally.
1979 M. Matshoba Call Me Not a Man 108Molimo! I remember the days of the Congress. I was this small then.
1981 Drum Aug. 100Molimo, you know I was so glad that my kids are Nightingales and will never sing like canaries.
1982 M. Mzamane Children of Soweto 118Molimo! It doesn’t seem as if there’s any public building they haven’t set on fire.
Modimo; also used as an interjection.
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