moggel, noun

Also moekul, mogel.
Afrikaans, DutchShow more Afrikaans, perhaps from Dutch moggel, mokkel a plump child or woman; or an adaptation of the generic name Mugil.
1. Any of several freshwater fishes of the genus Labeo (family Cyprinidae), especially Labeo umbratus. 2.  yellowfish sense a.
1838 J.E. Alexander Exped. into Int. I. 144When my people came back in the evening with two of three large moekul or flat heads, they were knocked up with the distance, the heat, and the sand. The flat head, or Silurus Gariepinus, (so named by my friend Mr Burchell) about three feet long, of a dark green colour above, and white below..The taste of this, the commonest of the Great River fish, and of the streams which flow into it, resembles that of the eel.
[1902 Trans. of S. Afr. Phil. Soc. XI. 214[Barbus capensis] is now..called by the Dutch ‘Moggel’ — a word which..may be a corruption of the Latin Mugil, a generic name which has been applied to this fish, or it may refer to the general appearance and shape of this fish, ‘moggel’ in Dutch signifying a clumsy child.]
[1913 C. Pettman Africanderisms 322Moggel, Barbus capensis has been thus named by the Dutch.]
1945 H. Gerber Fish Fare 77Mudfish, Mud-Mullet and Moggel. These indigenous fish occur in the Gouritz river system and other rivers of the Karoo series. They are also found in the Orange River and the rivers of the Transvaal. They are very bony.
1973 Farmer’s Weekly 13 June 11These simple plants could be nourished in quantity by the excreta of the high-value eels and thus provide food for the weed-eating fish such as the moggel (sand fish) or tilapia (kurper) and these could then provide cheap protein food for the masses.
1980 Grocott’s Mail 19 Dec. 4Other South African fishes which grazed on algae included the Labeo or moggel which built up large populations in dams which were enriched with wastewater, thus providing valuable protein food at no cost.
1982 M.N. Bruton et al. Pocket Guide to Freshwater Fishes 49Moggel, Labeo umbratus...A large labeo..with a markedly rounded head, fleshy snout and small eyes.
1992 P. Cullinan Robert Jacob Gordon 82 (caption)The ‘moggel’ or mud mullet (Labeo umbratus) — a common Cape fish found in river mouths.
Any of several freshwater fishes of the genus Labeo (family Cyprinidae), especially Labeo umbratus. 2. yellowfisha.
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