moffie, adjective and & noun

Also moffee.
AfrikaansShow more Afrikaans: perhaps abbreviation of moffiedaai, dialectal variant of hermafrodiet hermaphrodite; or (especially in adjectival sense) mof (see mof) + -ie; see also quotation 1982.
A. adjective
1. obsolescent. Of an animal: mof adjective sense 1.
1948 O. Walker Kaffirs Are Lively 33The official delivered a homily on the dangers of moffie cattle — the Afrikaans word for soft breeds, unsuited to the tough African heat and veld, which derive from crossing with English stock.
2. slang. Of or pertaining to someone lacking in toughness, or to something perceived to be unmanly or ‘delicate’.
1990 J. Rosenthal Wake Up Singing 39What kind of moffie headmaster doesn’t jack the boys?
1991 Style May 95‘You!’ the sergeant-major screamed at him...‘You with the moffie clothes...
B. noun slang.
1. offensive. A derogatory name for: a. an effeminate man; b. a homosexual man; c. a transvestite; d. a man perceived to be weak-spirited or lacking in the physical toughness associated by some with manliness. Also attributive.
Occasionally used also in general English (pronounced /ˈmɒfɪ/) in the sense of ‘effeminate man’.
1954 Drum Jan. 12‘Madame’ (as Joey is known on the stage) leads a troupe of brilliant Coloured female impersonators who perform their popular ‘Moffee Concerts’ to packed houses.
1960 D. Lytton Goddam White Man 27Moffies. They don’t like women but they like women’s clothes...But Achmed was not a proper moffie; he just liked fooling with boys. He didn’t have the moffie voice.
1971 Post 23 May 18The life of Edward Shadi — described as a beautiful, sexy moffie with a sweet soprano voice — was a strange affair.
1977 D. Muller in Quarry ’77 59Uncle Achmet saw two moffies holding Loop Street. The sight of the two effeminate young men, dressed in quasi-feminine clothing, caused the old man considerable disquiet.
1980 Sunday Times 3 Feb. (Mag. Sect.) 4I’m a Gay, not a Pouf or a Moffie.
1982 N.C. Lee in Cape Times 9 Sept. 11 (letter)‘Moffie’ I understand to be a corruption of the old French ‘Maufé’, meaning bad fairy.
1986 Cape Times 29 Jan. 3The transfusion service has erected signs..which state in bold letters: ‘If you are a “gay” or a “moffie” or have had sex with a “gay” or a “moffie” do not give blood.’
1987 S. Bagley in Cosmopolitan Dec. 168In self-defence, Cobus claims, the gays formed a ‘moffie-mafia’ a couple of years ago.
1988 Adams & Suttner William Str. 7It is a world where the ‘moffie’ Rachmat (here the word denotes not so much a homosexual as an effeminate man, or a transvestite) is mocked but not excluded.
1992 M. Gevisser in Weekly Mail 6 Mar. 30Any troepie who shows reticence or queasiness is branded a ‘moffie’.
1992 K. Rutter in Style May 46What’s important now is the phenomenon of the New Man...Paula probably thinks they’re moffies. And the rest of us post-Neanderthal feminists don’t believe the hype.
1992 P. Dobson Informant, Cape TownMoffie,..Effeminate person, softie. eg. ‘Last one in’s a moffie’.
e. comb.
moffiegevaar /-xəˈfɑː(r)/ nonce [Afrikaans, gevaar danger; by analogy with swart gevaar], ‘moffie peril’, used of attitudes or statements which incite fear or hatred of homosexuals.
1990 M. Venables in Weekend Mail 5 Oct. 15Rooigevaar, Swartgevaar and even Moffiegevaar.
2. Denoting an animal: a hermaphrodite.
1971 M. Britz Informant, GrahamstownWe had a pig that was a moffie — a real hermaphrodite.
1983 C. Barnard in Daily Dispatch 21 Mar.A kind of fish species in which you can’t tell the difference between male and female. I think the South African word is moffie.
Of or pertaining to someone lacking in toughness, or to something perceived to be unmanly or ‘delicate’.
an effeminate man;
a homosexual man;
a transvestite;
a man perceived to be weak-spirited or lacking in the physical toughness associated by some with manliness. Also attributive.
a hermaphrodite.
Hence (sense B 1) moffette noun nonce, a lesbian; moffiedom noun, homosexuals collectively; the homosexual lifestyle.
1977 Drum July 47 (caption)Moffies..have been engaged in meticulous research to trace their ancestors right back to the days of Van Riebeeck. Jackie Heyns exclusive insight into the early days of moffiedom.
1982 Sunday Times 30 May 26 (letter)I would like to lodge my objection towards the use of the word ‘moffiedom’.
1983 Sunday Times 8 May 29Chris moves out of maison moffette, which hurts Tory, by now the junior partner in the relationship.
1990 S. Gray in Staffrider Vol.9 No.1, 54Moffiedom is a flourishing and flamboyant part of the Cape lifestyle.
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