moepel, noun

Afrikaans, seTswana, Northern SothoShow more Afrikaans, adaptation of seTswana mmupudu, Northern Sotho mmupudu, mmopudu, Mimusops spp.
a. Any of the evergreen trees of the genus Mimusops of the Sapotaceae, especially M. zeyheri; cf. milkwood sense (b) (see milk sense 2). b. The edible fruit of these trees.
[1850 R.G.G. Cumming Hunter’s Life (1911) 443A delicious African fruit called moopooroo..was now ripe...The tree has a very dark green leaf; the fruit is about the size and shape of a large olive, and when ripe is a bright orange colour.]
1934 C.P. Swart Supplement to Pettman. 118Moepel, The red milkwood tree, Mimusops Zeyheri, is so designated in the Transvaal.
1939 tr. of E.N. Marais’s My Friends the Baboons 38Wild peaches, sour klappers, medlers, moepels, and various other kinds of fruit made our wilderness a veritable orchard.
1944 H.C. Bosman in L. Abrahams Cask of Jerepigo (1972) 161When I first went to the Marico it was in that season when the moepels were nearly ripening.
1950 H.C. Bosman in S. Gray Makapan’s Caves (1987) 141Not that I haven’t got all the time in the world for a moepel or a maroela or a kremetart or any other kind of bushveld tree.
1976 S. Afr. Panorama May 24Made from wild fruits — including marulas, fact mampoer is distilled from any fruit or vegetable which ferments.
1977 E. Palmer Field Guide to Trees of Sn Afr. 253Mimusops...A genus known for its edible fruits — rich in Vitamin C — all the species often indiscriminately called moepel.
1980 E. Prov. Herald 3 Sept. 13The trees described include..a few that are pretty common and could easily become known: Ilala Palm,..Moepel.
1990 [see Van Rensburg quot. at cross-berry].
Any of the evergreen trees of the genus Mimusops of the Sapotaceae, especially M. zeyheri;
The edible fruit of these trees.
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