Modimo, noun

Sotho, seTswanaShow more Sotho and seTswana, ‘God’; with small initial, also in the senses ‘god’, ‘ancestral spirit’ (plural badimo (see badimo) and medimo).
In the orthography of Lesotho this word is represented as Molimo /mʊˈdiːmʊ/. It appears that the earliest form was Morimo.
Especially among speakers of Sotho or seTswana: the supreme being; the Christian God; also used as an interjection; Molimo; Morimo. Cf. Tixo, morena sense 3. See also badimo.
[1933 A. Werner Myths & Legends 41The Bapedi (a branch of the Basuto living in the Transvaal) say that their High God (Modimo o mogolo) is called Huveane, and they pray to him for rain.]
1963 A.M. Louw 20 Days 142He seemed to be praying in the Sotho language...She bowed her head reverently, but beyond the occasional Modimo — God — she heard little.
1970 A. Sillery in Std Encycl. of Sn Afr. II. 223In pre-Christian times the Tswana believed in a remote deity called Modimo and practised a cult primarily concerned with..ancestor worship.
1974 M. Mutloatse in S. Gray On Edge of World 111Ntate Moruti was praying unnoticed: ‘Modimo, forgive them, for they know not...’.
1976 West & Morris Abantu 122Like the Pedi, the Tswana believed in a supreme being, Modimo, a creator too remote to be approached by ordinary men.
1981 Voice 1 Apr. 17Modimo does at times reveal Himself in many subtle ways, and we as earthlings dismiss some of these revelations as insignificant.
1987 M. Melamu Children of Twilight 25‘Modimo.’ These children of today. Their hearts are hard as stones, I tell you.
1988 M. Manyanye in Pace May 22We know that our ancestors, whom we call ‘badimo’ are mediators between us and our God, whom we call ‘Modimo’.
the supreme being; the Christian God; also used as an interjection; Molimo; Morimo.
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