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mfowethu, noun

ZuluShow more Zulu, vocative of umfowethu (plural vocative bafowethu), umfo brother, kinsman + wethu our, ‘my’.
Among speakers of Sintu (Bantu) languages:
1. ‘My brother,’ a term of address; mfo. Cf. bra sense 1.
1979 F. Dike First S. AfricanHayi Kona Max mfowethu, I’m not a coward, do what you like..do it now.
1994 D. kaNdlovu in Sidelines Dec. 23Mfowethu, it was on July 14, 1990, when we woke up to find the hostel surrounded by hundreds of children bent on destruction.
2. As a common noun: a close friend.
1987 O. Musi in Drum June 58Hau, I sympathised with him, treating him like mfowethu; after all he even knew my clan-name, knew our chief way back home and sounded genuine.
‘My brother,’ a term of address; mfo. Cf. bra1.
a close friend.

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