mealiepap, noun

Also mieliepap, miliepap.
Afrikaans, Show more Partial translation of Afrikaans mieliepap, mielie maize + pap porridge; perhaps elliptical for mieliemeelpap (see mealie-meal sense 2); or mealie + Afrikaans pap porridge.
1. Maize-meal porridge, prepared in any of several ways, including crumbly (krummelpap), stiff (stywe pap), or soft; mealie-meal sense 2; pap noun sense 1 a; cf. putu. Also attributive.
1880 E.F. Sandeman Eight Months in Ox-Waggon 273Guinea fowls..form a very relishing change from the never-varying menu of bôk or mealie pap.
1892 W.L. Distant Naturalist in Tvl 25The Kafirs began ill-treating the poor woman, but on the suggestion of one of their number, ordered her at once to cook a large pot of mealie pap.
1897 F. Macnab On Veldt & Farm 243It is a pity that..oatmeal porridge is not commoner than the disgusting mealie pap which is everywhere provided so liberally.
1900 H. Blore Imp. Light Horseman 135He no drink millik ’way from hims own Kraal. Drink Kaffir beer, yes. Eat mealie-pap, yes.
1918 C. Garstin Sunshine Settlers 240Clustered round the compound fires, stirring away at the black pots in which steamed their ration of mealie pap, the staple food of the country.
1925 D. Kidd Essential Kafir 326Mealie pap is made by stirring the meal into a large pot of boiling water, any dirty old piece of stick that is at hand being used as a spoon.
1932 in C.W. De Kiewiet Hist. of S. Afr. (1941) 204If you have a diet of mealie-pap (porridge made of ground mealies or maize; the American corn mush) without any fat, the balance is all wrong.
1949 H.C. Bosman Cold Stone Jug (1969) 89How the hell can I keep working all morning in the tailors’ shop at that blessed machine, just on one ladle of mealie-pap?
1955 J.B. Shephard Land of Tikoloshe 43A nurse, perhaps seven years old, feeding a young baby with mealie pap by..scooping up a fistful and clapping her hand over the baby’s mouth.
1968 Fair Lady 30 Oct. (Suppl.) 6 (advt)Mieliepap for every taste: Have you tried it with meat and gravy?..Mieliepap — a good South African name for a great South African custom!
1971 S. Afr. Panorama May 36Lavish helpings of ‘miliepap’ (maize porridge) made as stiff as bread.
1971 Personality 22 Oct. 157Traditional recipes plus new ones like mieliepap fritters.
1973 Sunday Times 16 Dec. (Mag. Sect.) 25The difference between a barbecue and a braai is mieliepap.
1978 Drum July 67They were as unsexy as cold mielie-pap on a winter morning.
1985 Sunday Times 5 May 24The sooner the immutable rules of a market economy are introduced into the maize idustry, the better. There is no such thing as a free lunch — mieliepap or otherwise.
1987 S. Woodgate in Star 27 Feb. 3Lights go out for ‘mielie-pap people’...For most of the tenants in the area they call ‘the mealie-pap place’, repaying the arrears is a dream as remote as having white bread every day of the week.
1988 Personality 27 June 80Dolly playing the part of Dixie, as homely as ‘grits’ (which is American for mieliepap).
1988 B. Fordyce in Era Sept. 44The body..will steer the famished marathoner towards the complex carbohydrates, such as the pastas, potatoes, breads, mielie-paps.
2. nonce. Sorghum porridge: mabela sense b.
1905 J. Du Plessis 1000 Miles in Heart of Afr. 148A village for them..means the chance..perhaps of a mouthful of ‘mealie-pap’ or millet-porridge.
Maize-meal porridge, prepared in any of several ways, including crumbly (krummelpap), stiff (stywe pap), or soft; mealie-meal2; papnoun1 a;
Sorghum porridge: mabelab.
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