matric, noun

Shortened form of matriculation.
a. matriculation sense 1. Frequently attributive.
1934 [see Boer Matriculation].
1941 Bantu World 15 Feb. 15Preference will be given to an applicant..who has passed Matric Afrikaans or the Hoer Taalbond.
1953 R. Campbell Mamba’s Precipice 121Mary had passed her Matric.
1957 Pietersburg Eng. Medium School Mag. Dec. 84She is now at the Tom Naude High School and is writing her matric this year.
1973 Daily Dispatch 16 July 12A plea that the study of science be made compulsory in the education of blacks up to Matric level, was made.
1982 Voice 10 Jan. 1The initial poor matric results had hit the Black community hard.
1984 Fair Lady 25 July 7 (letter)I have a child writing Matric and once again tension, trauma, drama and neuroses are rearing their ugly heads.
1988 C. Bateman in Cape Times 22 Oct. 1On the eve of matric exams, police yesterday raided one Peninsula school and fired teargas to disperse demonstrating pupils at another.
1994 Sunday Times 9 Oct. (Mag. Sect.) 8When I advised a female student to study engineering after passing matric, she nearly collapsed with shock.
b. comb.
matric exemption, matriculation exemption.
1994 Weekend Post 22 Oct. 10Entry qualifications for a Unisa degree..matric exemption and at least three D symbols.
2. matriculation sense 2.
1955 A. Delius Young Trav. in S. Afr. 37If you want to get a decent job of any sort, or go to a university, you’ve got to get your standard ten, that’s matric, or senior certificate.
1970 Personality 12 Feb. 6Best thing to do is act promptly and realise that your Matric is a very important asset.
1977 Scope 1 July 29A man with Matric has the pick of jobs.
1986 Grocott’s Mail 9 Sept. 3 (advt)A minimum of matric is required and previous admin/retail experience would be a distinct advantage.
1987 K. Owen in Daily Dispatch 22 Oct. 14By now, it turns out, a TED matric is about as good as one from Bantu Education.
1990 R. Stengel January Sun 36Of our grandparents, the only one with a matric (a high-school degree) is my wife’s mother.
1991 Koch & Blecher in Weekly Mail 15 Feb. 5Toughman describes himself as a ‘middle’ student, but is sure he will get his matric one day.
a. By metonymy: The final year of high school, Standard Ten. Often combination, as matric dance (occasionally matriculation dance, see matriculation sense 3), or matric farewell.
1976 [see JC].
1980 C. Hope A Separate Development (1983) 60Looking back to the big night of the Matric dance I tremble at my ignorance, my gullibility.
1986 New Dawn Oct. 7In matric I became aware of the importance of the law degree.
1987 New Nation 21 May 13Spider,..and Myrtle..were returning home from their matric farewell party when the accident happened.
1989 Conserva Vol.4 No.6, 21For teachers of any subject, from kindergarten to matric, this book should prove invaluable.
1990 P. Sidley in Weekly Mail 8 Feb. 36Failed matriculants have once again found that they may not re-enrol for matric at their schools.
1990 Weekend Argus 29 Sept. 3He..had no interest in sport, but had captained the hockey team in matric.
1994 Sunday Times 23 Oct. (Mag. Sect.) 71Dress hire for Matric Dances and Weddings.
b. matriculant.
1984 Sunday Times 11 Nov. (Business Times) 1A large proportion of more than 54 000 black matrics..are on the verge of looking for work.
1985 Evening Post 25 Feb. 10Matrics and graduates are tramping the streets looking for work.
1987 You 22 Oct. 20Please let this be a warning to all future matrics. Don’t end up like me.
1992 Natal Mercury 18 Dec. 1 (caption)Matrics flock to schools.
1993 [see DET].
matriculation1. Frequently attributive.
The final year of high school, Standard Ten. Often combination, as matric dance (occasionally matriculation dance, see matriculation3), or matric farewell.
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