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mamba, noun

Also imamba, momba.
Xhosa, ZuluShow more Xhosa and Zulu imamba.
1. Either of two deadly snakes of the genus Dendroaspis of the Elapidae, with a bite that is almost invariably fatal: a. D. polylepis, noted for its aggressiveness; black mamba, see sense 2 below; or b. D. angusticeps; green mamba sense (a), see sense 2 below. Also attributive, and figurative.
1860 D.L.W. Stainbank Diary. (Killie Campbell Africana Library KCM8680) 23 Apr.A large snake rushed by me into the hut...It proved to be a large mamba (black) between 8 and 9 feet long and two or three inches in diameter.
1993 A.P. Brink First Life of Adamastor 28This rearing mamba in my loins.
2. With defining word:
black mamba, see sense 1 a above; also figurative;
green mamba, (a) see sense 1 b above; (b) figurative, colloquial [see quotation 1980], a nickname for a Putco commuter bus; also attributive; see also Putco;
Groen Mamba figurative, colloquial [Afrikaans groen green; referring to the colour and potency of the drink], the liqueur crème de menthe; Jangroentjie sense 2.
1878 P. Gillmore Great Thirst Land 346A black mamba — a description of snake common in Natal, and reported to be very deadly — I killed to-day.
[green mamba: sense (a)] [green mamba: sense (b)]
1978 Pace Dec.The lunch menu: Crayfish cocktail, filet mignon..Van der Hum, Drammie, Groen Mamba.
3. figurative. An unusually talented, skilful, or intelligent person.
1978 L. Barnes in The 1820 Vol.51 No.12, 19A mamoo — known also as a ‘mamba’ or ‘a good thing’..is one who excels in academics, sport or some special skill.
1992 E.R.A. Essery Informant, DurbanShe sews like a mamba; she’s really good...You have to be a mamba of a bricklayer to make a circular wall.
4. figurative. slang. A home-brewed alcoholic drink. Cf. mbamba.
1981 B. Fairbrother in Sunday Times 15 Nov. 41In the jungle the mighty mamba rules. Only this ‘jungle’ is on the outskirts of Arlington race-course...And mamba is the name of a potent homebrew made by squatters.
An unusually talented, skilful, or intelligent person.
A home-brewed alcoholic drink.
Hence mamba adjective (slang), big.
1983 A. Goldstuck in Frontline Oct. 61I tune you, mate, if I can get one mamba chow a day, I scheme life is kif.

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