majat, noun

MalayShow more Unknown, perhaps adaptation of Malay madat opium.
Marijuana (see dagga noun2 sense 1), especially that of an inferior grade.
1956 A. La Guma in New Age 4 Oct. 6Ingenious methods have been discovered to secrete tiny things which make life a little more tolerable. Even dagga, known as ‘majat’ in prison slang, finds its way into the cells.
1969 Drum Aug. 43Between R75 and R100 is paid per bag, depending on the quality and particular strain of the plant. The first grade is called ‘Rooipoortjie’, second grade is ‘Jong Dagga’ or ‘Pieper’ and the third grade is called ‘Majat’ in the Cape.
1974 J. Matthews Park 20The air was heavy with the pungent smell of dagga...‘Gran’ stuff dis,’ Orkas said, exhaling twin streams of smoke. ‘Not like de majat Bones sell us las’ night.’..‘Majat Bones sells only good forra sheep.’
1978 C. Van Wyk in Staffrider Vol.1 No.2, 36Tell him, good dagga. Good dagga for Kiet. Not majat.
1987 Scope 6 Nov. 33At Jeppe, they scored two pokes of dagga...It was Majat, not the best quality, but who cared on that Sunday morning.
1990 South 27 Feb. 6Brands and quality vary from the despised ‘majat’ to the internationally valued Swazi Gold and Durban Poison.
Marijuana (see dagganoun1), especially that of an inferior grade.
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