lala, verb intransitive

Xhosa, ZuluShow more Xhosa and Zulu, lie down, rest, sleep, spend the night.
To sleep; to lie down; to rest; cf. doedoe. Occasionally in the phrase lala kahle /-ɡaːɬe/ [see gashle], sleep well.
Used especially when speaking (or singing) to children.
1902 F.C. Slater Sel. Poems (1947) 78Then lala, lala, my little son, You’ll soon be a man of might. [Note] Sleep.
1970 S.E. Natham Informant, Cape TownLala. Sleep.
1975 Daily Dispatch 27 Mar. (Suppl.) 12Rest in holy peace. Lala Kahle.
[1977 P.C. Venter Soweto 70‘My wife will not support me,’ he once growled...So now I say, ‘Lala lulaza.’ Let sleeping dogs lie!]
1991 M.L. McCaffery Informant, DurbanLala. Sleep.
To sleep; to lie down; to rest;
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