korrel, noun

AfrikaansShow more Afrikaans, grape; grain; bead.
1. A grape.
1970 S. Sparks Informant, Fort BeaufortPlease give me a korrel from your bunch of grapes (one grape).
1982 J. Krige in Staffrider Vol.5 No.2, 20Doekvoet’s father was standing on a ladder in the vat, stirring the korrels, as he so often did.
2. combinations
korrelkonfyt /-kɔnˌfeɪt/ [Afrikaans, konfyt jam, preserve], grape jam; also dimunitive form korreltjiekonfyt /ˈkɔr(ə)lkikonˌfeɪt/ [see -ie];
korrelkop /-kɔp/ offensive, plural korrelkoppe /-kɔpə/ [Afrikaans, (kop head), a quarrelsome person; a head with woolly tufts of hair], one with peppercorn hair; also attributive.
1983 Sunday Times 6 Mar. (Mag. Sect.) 16Korrelkonfyt again made from hanepoot grapes, is traditionally eaten with baked snoek and sweet potatoes.
1984 Fair Lady 30 May 176So we do not have korreltjiekonfyt or bredies and we do not make a Barbara Cartland romance out of a liking for the rather dull galjoen.
1988 Fair Lady 16 Mar. 14Grapes are delicious — fresh, pickled or in the form of korrelkonfyt or homemade wine.
1990 Handbill, Die Muisbosskerm Restaurant, Lambert’s BaySome of the West Coast’s most sought after seafood dishes fresh from the sea. ‘Bakbrood’ straight from the oven, fresh farm butter and the region’s famous Hanepoort ‘korrelkonfyt’.
1958 I. Vaughan Diary 12Hans is a korrelkop bushman.
1961 D. Bee Children of Yesterday 11The fair boy looked up..at the dark one,..his eyes narrowed...‘Gamat!’ he cried, his voice shrill, teeth clenched, ‘Coloured! I’ll kill you for that! Yellow korrelkop!’
A grape.
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