Korea, noun

See quotation 1959.
In township English: a home-distilled spirituous liquor.
[1951 Drum Nov. 10Nearly every hut there is a shebeen — specialising in ‘Barberton’ and ‘Korean’ booze.]
1952 Skappie in Drum Nov. 7Of late, some Eastern folk have been brewing a very potent and harmful ersatz brandy which goes by the name of Korea.
1959 L. Longmore Dispossessed 220False labels and correctly trade marked bottles give all the appearance of authenticity. Larger quantities are contained in thirty-six gallon barrels. Such types of spirits are called ‘Korea’ because they are manufactured by Chinese traders.
1972 Drum 8 Apr. 23Qash reeled back as though he had drunk a mixture of baberton, korea and chillis.
1985 D. Bikitsha in Sunday Times 1 Sept. 4Will they succumb to offers of doctored liquor or ‘Korea’ (Mickey Finn), as we call it in the townships.
a home-distilled spirituous liquor.
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