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koggelmannetjie, noun

koggelmannejie, koggelmannerjieShow more Also koggelmannejie, koggelmannerjie, kokelmannetjie, kokkelmanetje, kokkelmanetjie.
AfrikaansShow more Afrikaans, koggel to mimic + mannetjie little man, perhaps adaptation of koggelmander (see koggelmander).
1. koggelmander sense 1.
1903 A.F. Trotter Old Cape Col. 234The lizards, grey ‘Kokelmannetje,’ the little cooking man, and the blue blinking Agora, have hardly yet crept out to bask in the sun.
1970 V.F.M. Fitzsimons in Std Encycl. of Sn Afr. I. 218The Afrikaans name ‘koggelmannetjies’ refers to their characteristic habit of bobbing their heads up and down, especially when nervous or curious.
2. With qualifying word: black koggelmannetjie (rare) or bloukop koggelmannetjie, formerly also blauwkop koggelmannetjie [Afrikaans, bloukop (earlier South African Dutch blaukop), blou blue + kop head], bloukopkoggelmander (see koggelmander sense 2).
c1939 S.H. Skaife S. Afr. Nature Notes 22The commoner [species] is the Black koggelmannetjie (Agama atra)...The scales on his head and chest are a bright turquoise blue..hence the name ‘bloukop koggelmander’.
1963 S.H. Skaife Naturalist Remembers 172For some time past two koggelmannetjies have lived in the garden. They do not seem to have a popular name in English...The Afrikaans name means ‘little mimicking man’ and refers to the habit these lizards have of bobbing the head up and down when peering over the edge of a rock...The male’s head is a bright blue during the breeding season. Many people are convinced that the bloukop koggelmannetjie is poisonous but they are wrong.
black koggelmannetjie (rare) or bloukop koggelmannetjie, formerly also blauwkop koggelmannetjie, bloukop (earlier blaukop), blou blue + kop head, bloukopkoggelmanderkoggelmander2.

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