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kleinbaas, noun

AfrikaansShow more Afrikaans, klein little + baas, see baas.
See note at baas.
I. A common noun.
1. obsolete. One not fully in authority.
1896 E. Clairmonte Africander 15The next morning I went for a walk with Smith, who was the klein-baas of the farm. Klein-baas is the term used for the sub-manager, and ‘baas’ is the manager or proprietor.
1913 C. Pettman Africanderisms 264Klein baas,..The designation given by farm labourers to the eldest son of the farmer, and also to a sub-manager.
2. baasie sense 2.
1910 D. Fairbridge That Which Hath Been (1913) 47Even with such childish songs did I sing the klein baas to sleep when he was a baby in my arms.
1993 S. Dikeni in House & Leisure Nov. 42As a kid I walked into the Grobbelaars’ Spar, and the kleinbaas called me and asked if I was Magdalena’s child. I said, ‘Ja, baas’.
II. A form of address.
3. baasie sense 1 a.
1899 G.H. Russell Under Sjambok 259‘Ja, my Klein Baas,’ said the old man, rising from the ground, ‘Babijan will be quick for the young master, and he shall have of the best’.
1992 C.M. Knox tr. of E. Van Heerden’s Mad Dog 67Old Pyp came up to me and grinned, ‘Face jus’ like an old Bushman, hey, kleinbaas?’
III. A title.
4. Used with a name.
1937 C.R. Prance Tante Rebella’s Saga 200In time he became a sort of ‘adjutant’ to Klein Baas Willem, Oom Willem’s son...Klein Baas Willem had succeeded to the title of ‘Oom Willem’ in his turn.
One not fully in authority.
baasie1 a.
Used with a name.

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