kerrie, noun2

Afrikaans, Malay, TamilShow more Afrikaans, from Malay karie or Tamil kari.
1. Curry; curried food of various kinds. Also attributive.
1885 L.H. Meurant 60 Yrs Ago 28A Soup plate of ‘kerrie’ (mullagatawny), two ‘sasaatjes’ (diamond-shaped inch-sized pieces of mutton, curried, and about half-a-dozen stuck upon a bamboo skewer).
1979 Sunday Times 8 Apr. (Mag. Sect.) 5Her strongly religious nourished on foods like sosaties, pinang kerrie, snoek and cabbage bredie, and pootjies-en-tamatie.
2. combinations
kerrierys /-reɪs/ noun [Afrikaans, rys rice], curry-flavoured rice;
kerriesop /-sɔp/ noun [Afrikaans, sop soup], soup made with curry.
1979 Capetonian May 9Any foreigner found without his pass will be sentenced to say kerrierysen roosterbrood in a thick Malmesbury accent 500 times.
1968 L.G. Green Full Many Glorious Morning 13Potage Dubarry boils down to blomkoolsop while Crème Africaine is simply kerriesop.
Curry; curried food of various kinds. Also attributive.

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