kerrie, noun2

Afrikaans, Malay, TamilShow more Afrikaans, from Malay karie or Tamil kari.
1. Curry; curried food of various kinds. Also attributive.
1885 L.H. Meurant 60 Yrs Ago 28A Soup plate of ‘kerrie’ (mullagatawny), two ‘sasaatjes’ (diamond-shaped inch-sized pieces of mutton, curried, and about half-a-dozen stuck upon a bamboo skewer).
1927 C.G. Botha Social Life in Cape Col. 56Who has not enjoyed what may be considered typical South African foods, although they originated in the East, such as various stews known as ‘bredie,’ ‘sosaties,’ ‘kerrie’ (curried meats) and ‘bobotie.’
1965 A. Gordon-Brown S. Afr. Heritage IV. 19The meal, which consisted of a plate of ‘kerrie’ (mulligatawny), two sosaties and boiled rice, and half a pint of Cape wine, cost a quarter of a rix-dollar (4 cents).
1971 L.G. Green Taste of S.-Easter 178Kerrie patats, small pieces steeped in brine, cooked and served with a hot curry sauce.
1979 Sunday Times 8 Apr. (Mag. Sect.) 5Her strongly religious nourished on foods like sosaties, pinang kerrie, snoek and cabbage bredie, and pootjies-en-tamatie.
2. combinations
kerrierys /-reɪs/ noun [Afrikaans, rys rice], curry-flavoured rice;
kerriesop /-sɔp/ noun [Afrikaans, sop soup], soup made with curry.
1979 Capetonian May 9Any foreigner found without his pass will be sentenced to say kerrierysen roosterbrood in a thick Malmesbury accent 500 times.
1968 L.G. Green Full Many Glorious Morning 13Potage Dubarry boils down to blomkoolsop while Crème Africaine is simply kerriesop.
Curry; curried food of various kinds. Also attributive.
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