kareehout, noun

South African DutchShow more South African Dutch, karee (see karee noun2) + hout wood.
a. karee noun2 sense 1 a ii. b. karee noun2 sense 1 a i.
1795 C.R. Hopson tr. of C.P. Thunberg’s Trav. II. 171Karré hout (Rhus) is a kind of wood which the Hottentots in this part of the country used for making bows.
1810 J. Mackrill Diary. 89The Hottentot Bow, karree hout, is a Sumach — Rhus.
1822 W.J. Burchell Trav. I. 179Very large bushes of Karree-hout, which in growth and foliage, have a great resemblance to our common willows, grow along the banks.
1835 A. Smith Diary (1940) II. 110They eat no roots but only berries from the kareehout when they are ripe.
1961 Palmer & Pitman Trees of S. Afr. 291In 1811 Burchell when passing through Karro Port north-east of Ceres, camped under two large bushy trees of ‘karreehout’ near a small stream of water.
1971 Baraitser & Obholzer Cape Country Furn. 75They are made of kareehout, the wood of the bastard willow, and were inlaid with klapperbos, the wood of a small indigenous shrub.
1974 J.M. Coetzee Dusklands 128He saw that the banks, clothed in trees (zwartebast, karreehout), might furnish timber for all the wants of colonization.
kareenoun1 a ii.
kareenoun1 a i.
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