kardoesie, noun

Also kadoesie, kardoesi.
Afrikaans, Dutch, French, MalayShow more Afrikaans, diminutive form of Dutch kardoes cartridge (from French cartouche paper container), perhaps reinforced in Cape speech by Malay kardus cardboard (box).
A small container (for food), made of paper.
1913 C. Pettman Africanderisms 252Kardoesi,..A paper bag, the paper cornet used by grocers.
1970 Informant, Johannesburg, GautengKardoesie. Paper Container.
1970 F. Philip Informant, Johannesburg, GautengHow excited we were when the smous paid the farm a visit...He usually spent hours on the farm! He’d swirl his little paper cones and we’d buy tameletjies in the kardoesie for 1d.
1971 L.G. Green Taste of S.-Easter 159The tammeletjies are set in the folded paper called kadoesies by the Malays.
1978 Sunday Times 21 May (Mag. Sect.) 3Some guy..peddling kardoesies full of food for our feathered friends.
1988 F. Williams Cape Malay Cookbk 68To make rectangular paper cases, called kadoesies, cut out paper rectangles 7x12 cm and fold up along each side to form a casing.
A small container (for food), made of paper.
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