kaalvoet, adjective

AfrikaansShow more Afrikaans, kaal bare + voet foot.
1899 F.R.M. Cleaver in M.M. Cleaver Young S. Afr. (1913) 26You were a comparatively young man then, and I a little ‘kaalvoet Hotnot’.
[1968 L.G. Green Full Many Glorious Morning 219It was a mixed train, known along the river as ‘Ou Kaalvoet’ because it carried so many bare-footed school children.]
1970 J.L. Cousins Informant, VryburgChildren like going kaalvoet (barefoot).
1970 Daily News 28 MayIt is not illegal to drive barefoot. Would you have thought it was an offence to drive a car kaalvoet?
1977 Argus 31 Dec. 5Pint-sized ‘kaalvoet’ athlete Elsa Kok, the 13-year old daughter of a Paarl farm labourer, is a girl with a big stride and a bright future.
1980 Sunday Times 14 Dec. 45The ‘Kaalvoet kids’ were at it again last week when they flew through the air at a terrific rate..behind the 355Hp V8 Barefoot Supreme boat at the Southern Transvaal Waterskiing Championships.
1982 D. Kramer Short Back & Sides 52I grew up in the Boland, I was kaalvoet and carefree.
1983 Frontline Feb. 12He was running up and down on the trestle tables kaalvoet, stubbing his toes on the empty beercans and tripping over the full ones.
1983 Sunday Times 18 Sept. (Lifestyle) 9I climbed up first, kaalvoet, leaving my shoes half way down the cliff.
1984 Rand Daily Mail 29 Mar. 1A proud dad wins kaalvoet wager..‘I won a bet today. The rest of our group all said Zola would wear running shoes. I said she would not.’
1990 Sunday Times 5 Aug. 10TV fame has turned ‘kaalvoet kids’ into overnight celebrities and given their families a cash windfall.
1991 G. De Beer Informant, Port Nolloth (N. Cape)You can’t mountain climb kaalvoet.
1993 Weekend Post 1 May 3Mr Nqakula..said he had learnt to love the Afrikaans language and rugby as he grew up in his ‘kaalvoet days’ at Cradock.

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