JSE, noun

Shortened form of Johannesburg Stock Exchange. Also attributive.
The Stock Exchange is also often referred to by the name of the street or location in Johannesburg from which it operates: see between the chains (chains sense 1 b), Hollard Street, and Diagonal Street.
1971 M.M. Borkum in Daily Dispatch 21 May 16On the JSE,..we traded 300,6 million shares to the value of R605,2 million as against 544 million and R1 700 million the previous year.
1979 Citizen 16 July 17Index of shares traded on the JSE over the past week was 176,97 compared with 189,63 a week ago. A year ago the index stood at 224,03.
1981 Rand Daily Mail 30 June 1Heavy JSE gold sales. With gold slipping to a new 18-month low gold shares continued their steep slide on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange yesterday.
1987 R.A. Norton in Jhb. Stock Exchange Centenary 9The first JSE lasted for no more than two years.
1991 D. Canning in Weekend Argus 26 Jan. (Business) 3JSE warning on insider trading.
1992 Natal Mercury 3 Nov. 11JSE shares ended mixed after drifting sideways in dull trade yesterday as the market waited for the outcome of today’s US presidential elections.
Shortened form of Johannesburg Stock Exchange. Also attributive.
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