Jozi, noun

Josey, JosieShow more Also Josey, Josie, Josies, Jozie.
Especially among Zulu-speakers: a nickname for the city of Johannesburg. Cf. Jo’burg.
c1948 H. Tracey Lalela Zulu 81‘Goli,’ the place of gold, and ‘Jozi,’ short for Johannesburg, are the modern Zulu abbreviations.
1978 Drum Feb. 65We three from Josie decided to take the waitress jobs just for fun planning to quit after our first pay day.
1979 C. Van der Merwe in Frontline Dec. 17Johannesburg — Josies, that is.
1987 Drum July 46The opening gambit is usually like this: Him: ‘Hau, mfowethu you look a stranger in these parts.’ You: ‘Sure, I’ve just come down from Jozi.’
1987 J. Khumalo in Pace July 26With her mind finally made up to seek fame and fortune in Jozi, naive Mercy made it known..that she was ready to..make for the fabled city of gold-paved streets.
1990 O. Musi in City Press 20 May 9Jozi will soon look like Pretoria — where every second mlungu is in uniform and every darkie knows his place, if you see what I mean.
1993 J. Khumalo in Pace July 57Capetonian Vicky Sampson blew into Jozi two years ago.
a nickname for the city of Johannesburg.
Hence Jozi noun ?nonce, an inhabitant of Johannesburg.
1984 Frontline Feb. 25Us Joseys sometimes forget that there are such places in South Africa.
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