insangu, intsangu, noun

insango, intsangoShow more Also insango, intsango, itsangu, msangu, ’nsangu, ntsangu.
Xhosa, ZuluShow more Xhosa intsangu, Zulu insangu.
dagga noun2 sense 1.
1897 Schulz & Hammar New Africa 201The smoking of ‘insangu’ or ‘dacha,’ as it is variously called, is a widely distributed habit throughout South Africa amongst the natives.
1909 N. Paul Child in Midst 198Smoking insangu, a kind of wild hemp which makes them half crazy.
1955 B.B. Burnett Anglicans in Natal 97He had run amok, and, temporarily deranged by smoking insango had killed his father and several others.
1966 C.A. Smith Common Names 329The cultivation of dagga is prohibited by law in South Africa, yet it is commonly found as a weed round native kraals in Natal and is known as insangu.
1969 A. Paton Kontakion 94A handful of boys charged with more serious matters, such as smoking the weed called dagga or insangu (called in America marijuana).
1971 Argus 5 May 2Drugs completely banned, known as ‘prohibited dependence-producing drugs’ are..cannabis (Indian hemp), including cannabis resin, ‘dagga’, ‘itsangu’ and the whole plant or any portion thereof.
1975 S.S. Mekgoe Lindiwe (1978) 172nd Constable:..Look at this parcel, Sarge...It’s dagga..intsangu, Sarge.
1979 E. Prov. Herald 5 Oct. (Indaba) 1Dagga — intsangu — is available all over the country despite strict measures taken by the authorities to stamp out drug smuggling.
[1982 Voice 16 May 1Bushes, shop backyards, school toilets or any other hidden places are used as venues for smoking ‘intsango’ as the drug is known in Zulu.]
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