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imbongi, noun

ibongi, imbongaShow more Also ibongi, imbonga, imbongo, mbongi, and with initial capital.
usually imbongis, or izimbongi; also iimbongi, isibongi, izibongi, izimbonga, sbongi, ’sbongi, zebōngas, or unchanged.
Xhosa, Zulu, Show more Xhosa and Zulu, praise-poet (plural iimbongi in Xhosa, izimbongi in Zulu).
Especially in the context of traditional African society:
1. A praise poet or public orator; mbongo sense 1; praiser. Also attributive. See also bonga verb.
1836 A.F. Gardiner Journey to Zoolu Country 65We were accompanied by the two Imbōngas, or professed praisers of the King.
1992 S. Afr. Panorama Nov.Dec. 75In Transkei, the iimbongi, the public orators or praise poets, have gradually shifted their allegiance from royalty to political figures.
2. rare. Plural unchanged. isibongo sense 2.
1965 M. Hansen in Sunday Chronicle 7 Dec.The ancient Zulu..intoned the Imbongi of Cetewayo (the praises of Cetewayo).
A praise poet or public orator; mbongo1; praiser. Also attributive.

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