ikrwala, noun

amakrwala, amarwela, or (occasionally) unchanged.
XhosaShow more Xhosa (plural amakrwala). For note on singular and plural forms, see i-.
In traditional Xhosa society: a newly circumcised youth. Also attributive. See also abakwetha.
1963 Wilson & Mafeje Langa 50Cooking and washing up is done by the young men, amakrwala (newly circumcised), or boys amakhwenkwe, and the young men are served with a dish separate from that of the senior men.
1978 Voice 15 Nov. 8Different ones from the elderly men take turns in lecturing to the ‘amakrwala’ young men, as they are now called. Gifts..are given by relatives and friends to enable them to set out in their new way of life.
a newly circumcised youth. Also attributive.

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