ikhankatha, noun

inkankata, inkankathaShow more Also inkankata, inkankatha, kankata, khankatha, nkantata.
In traditional Xhosa society: the guardian in charge of youths undergoing the initiation rite of circumcision. See also abakwetha.
Sometimes an ingcibi may perform the work of the ‘ikhankatha’.
1866 W.C. Holden Past & Future 183To this hut the boys are taken, having been placed in charge of a person appointed to that office, and who is called the inkankata, and under whose charge they continue during the whole time of their initiation.
1939 N.J. Van Warmelo in A.M. Duggan-Cronin Bantu Tribes III. i. 32The initiates (abakhwetha) stay in a grass hut (isuthu) built for the occasion at a distance from dwellings, under the charge of a master (ikhankatha) who instructs them and trains them in endurance and other qualities of manhood.
1952 H. Klein Land of Silver Mist 48They are taken charge of by the nkantata, the warder, who together with the old men of the tribe instructs the abaKweta, as the initiates are now called, in the rites and lore of their people.
1976 Daily Dispatch 20 Aug. 4He preferred to use his own ‘warden’ or ‘ikhankatha’ to avoid any carelessness that might affect the initiates’ health while they were training.
1976 R.L. Peteni Hill of Fools 122Girls often visited their lovers when their khankatha was satisfied that the circumcision cuts of all of them had healed.
1978 Voice 15 Nov. 8A certain person with experience in circumcision rites is appointed to take charge of the boys during this period. He is called ‘ikhankatha’ (teacher).
1989 [see ingcibi].
the guardian in charge of youths undergoing the initiation rite of circumcision.
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