High Dutch, noun phrase

DutchShow more Translation of Dutch Hooghollands, hoog high + Hollands Dutch (as contrasted to the altered forms of the language which developed in Netherlands dialects, and in South Africa).
The Dutch language in its standard form. Cf. Nederlands. Also attributive.
1880 Cape Monthly Mag. III. 38I attempted to shew that so far from being an improvement upon High Dutch and a richer language than the latter,..it (sc. Cape Dutch) is not only infinitely poorer on account of its defective vocabulary, but..is no more than a Dutch dialect, or..Dutch patois.
1899 Logeman & Van Oordt How to Speak Dutch 33The main points of difference between so-called ‘High Dutch’ and Cape Dutch phonetics and spelling may be enumerated.
1903 H. Elffers Englishman’s Guide to Cape Dutch 7For a long time to come the public press and the public platform will keep up a similarity to the high Dutch, which 200 years of use have diminished but little.
1911 H.H. Fyfe S. Afr. To-Day 96High Dutch..is not the language of the Dutch people in South Africa...The ‘taal’..is the common speech.
1934 M.E. McKerron Hist. of Educ. 130 (Swart)In 1916 Afrikaans was accepted, together with High Dutch, as the offical language of the Dutch Reformed Church.
1936 Haarhoff & Van den Heever Achievement of Afrikaans 13While we tried to write in High Dutch our thoughts were cast in rigid moulds;..and the result was often secondhand rhetoric.
1946 T. Macdonald Ouma Smuts 13They wrote English and Nederlands (High Dutch)...The language of the home..was Afrikaans, the language of their own soil, with its roots in Dutch, German, French and even English.
1958 L. Van der Post Lost World of Kalahari 60In High Dutch I wrote: ‘I have decided to-day.’
1966 J. Farrant Mashonaland Martyr 117Bernard [Miseki] was a most remarkable man...He spoke English and High Dutch fluently, Portuguese and several native languages well, and had also a considerable knowledge of French, Latin and Greek.
1979 A. Gordon-Brown Settlers’ Press 11This little publication is famous for Meurant’s articles in early Afrikaans, which he included for the benefit of farmers on the frontier who were losing touch with the High Dutch language.
1984 [see oompie sense 1].
The Dutch language in its standard form.
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