hard veld, noun phrase

AfrikaansShow more (Partial) translation of Afrikaans hardeveld.
Countryside consisting mainly of hard, unfertile soil. See also veld sense 3 c.
[1838 J.E. Alexander Exped. into Int. I. 31The Onder Bokkeveld, Bedouw, and Hantam, are considered the most fertile portions of Clanwilliam, whereas the Hardeveld is the most barren.]
1972 Std Encycl. of Sn Afr. V. 436Its ‘hard veld’ is a shrill contrast to the sandy soils along the coast to the north and south.
1975 Family of Man Vol.3Part 42, 1152The Herero nation inhabited the northern plateau hardveld of what is today..Namibia.
1975 Farmer’s Weekly 21 Apr. 76 (advt)Farm For Sale...Ideal for cattle, sheep or goat farming. Warm hard veld, consisting of sweetgrass and mixed bush.
[1986 Personality 3 Nov. 33Some people call Namaqualand the ‘Garden of the Gods’. It’s a strange name for an arid region of harde veld, sandveld, and klipkoppies.]
Countryside consisting mainly of hard, unfertile soil.
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